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Stump Grinding

Tree stump treatment & removal

If you have a tree that needs to be removed, taking the stump out of the ground will be part of that process. Tree removal is often a gradual process. The branches and trunk will need to be removed in parts so that it doesn’t create a hazard to people on the ground. However, the stump of the tree requires a different and equally careful removal process.

Whether you have a full tree for removal, or just a stump, we can help. We use stump grinders to take away the bottom part of the tree safely and effectively. These are machines that use a spinning flywheel with special teeth that chip away at the stump until it is completely removed.

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Cost and procedure

The exact machinery we use and the cost of our service will depend on the nature of the tree stump. A small tree stump can often be removed using only hand tools. However, the largest tree stumps will require more robust mechanical machinery. The process will also depend on the location of your stump. An easily accessible stump in the middle of private farmland will be easier to remove than a stump that’s sitting within a pavement in a busy town centre, for example. Whatever type of stump you have, there’s no job too difficult for us. We’ll make sure we remove it with minimum ground disturbance.

Ground reuse following tree stump grinding

When removing a stump, it typically needs to be ground down to around 30 centimetres below ground level. Though we can of course go further if required. This allows for replanting or reuse of the ground for most purposes. Once we have finished grinding your stump down, we will then fill the hole with a mix of woodchip and soil.

Safety is paramount

Grinding machines are specialist machines that need to be used with strict safety measures. They can create hazards such as flying wood chips or flying pieces of stone. These can be dangerous and damaging if flying towards windows, homes and people. They should only be used by a trained expert. Our team of highly experienced tree surgeons, have been fully trained in using even the most complex tree removal machinery safely. Our health and safety policies, assessments and training are continuously under review. It is essential we keep up to date with the law and keep employees ans the public safe. We are also fully insured and licensed to carry out our range of work.

So, if you have a tree stump that needs to be removed, give us a call and we’ll advise what we can do. There really is no stump too large or problem too complex – so get in touch and arrange for safe, effective and hassle-free removal of your tree stump today.


Our customer’s feedback

Felling and trimming of trees with TPO listing

PO9   |   April 2021

Michael and his team provided an excellent service today. Arrived punctually and set about the felling of 3 diseased trees and crown raising of 2 mature oaks. They were very efficient and all work was completed within half a day, complete with clearing the site. Would not hesitate to recommend them.

Crown reduction of large bay tree in conservation area

PO5   |   July 2021

Mike and his team provided a great service. He took time to understand our requirements and provided feedback and expert advice regarding our mature bay tree. On the day, they arrived on time and liaised with us during the work and happy with the result all done at a very reasonable cost. Would happily use the services again.

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