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Hedge Care

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All hedges need care and maintenance at regular intervals. This ensures they look their best and perform the tasks required of them. Neglected hedges become twiggy and leggy. And this can result in gaps forming along the bottom, allowing animals to escape, or your visual privacy to be affected. We understand that not everyone has the time or skills to care for their hedges themselves, so our team is on hand to provide an impeccable hedge care service.

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Why turn to professionals for hedge care?

Each hedge will have specific requirements due to its species as well as its purpose. For example, close evergreen hedging designed for privacy. Or thorny species designed for security. All need regular pruning to keep them in shape and perform the tasks for which they are meant. Formal hedges also need regular pruning to help maintain their shape and appearance.

Informal hedges need less frequent maintenance, but with mixed species, it’s important to ensure that more prominent species don’t take over and outgrow their allocated space.

The benefits of hedge care

A well-maintained hedge is a joy to behold. And in many cases, a haven for nesting birds and  insects. Mixed hedges of native species will reward you with many a garden visitor. Maintained hedges are also better for wildlife as they provide a more dense cover and thus more protection for animals.

Evergreen hedges can often be very fast growing and without regular pruning can quickly turn into very large trees. With some old Leylandii hedges, it is often easier to start again. Trees of this type which outgrow their space too quickly are a regular feature in many gardens. At South Downs Tree Services, we can replace those ugly stumps with a new hedge that will be easier to care for.

How South Downs Tree Services can help you

An old hedge which has been neglected can often be brought back into serviceable use by taking action over a couple of seasons, and our experts can advise you on this. Caring for a new hedge can be tricky at certain times of the year due to drought, wind, or other natural processes, so we are happy to recommend the best time of year to plant each species to get the effect you want as quickly as possible.

Before undertaking any work, we’ll discuss your needs with you to ensure you get the results you’re looking for. We have an eye for detail, so rest assured each hedge is cut and finished to a high standard using quality tools. No job is too big or small for our team, so contact us at South Downs Tree Services today to discuss your hedge care needs in more detail.


Our customer’s feedback

Felling and trimming of trees with TPO listing

PO9   |   April 2021

Michael and his team provided an excellent service today. Arrived punctually and set about the felling of 3 diseased trees and crown raising of 2 mature oaks. They were very efficient and all work was completed within half a day, complete with clearing the site. Would not hesitate to recommend them.

Crown reduction of large bay tree in conservation area

PO5   |   July 2021

Mike and his team provided a great service. He took time to understand our requirements and provided feedback and expert advice regarding our mature bay tree. On the day, they arrived on time and liaised with us during the work and happy with the result all done at a very reasonable cost. Would happily use the services again.

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