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Dead Wooding & Thinning

Professional crown thin and dead wood removal services

Dead wooding and thinning offer two key ways to ensure the long term health and viability of your trees. Both actions also help to avoid any safety risk to your own family, guests, passers-by and pets. If there is a need for crown thinning or should the health of your trees require dead wood removal by certified arborists, then our expert team of skilled tree specialists are ready to deliver the results you would expect.

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Dead Wood removal for safety and health

As the years pass, trees grow and mature. It is natural that some branches, both large and small, will simply not thrive as others do. Dead wooding removal is a process where dead, dying, diseased or dangerous branches are removed. This creates a safer environment for anyone enjoying that space.

Our skilled arborists will then consider whether any crossing or rubbing branches should also be removed. We will also carefully assess where any further problems might subsequently arise. We always offer expert advice to ensure the long-term health and safety of any of the trees on your Hampshire or West Sussex property.

As well as the safety of those who enjoy your garden, it’s vital to avoid the danger of branches falling on areas around the boundary of your property. Such events can cause serious injury to neighbours, or to the general public on any pavements, pathways, and roads which adjoin your property.

Should such damaging accidents or personal injuries occur, then financial and other consequences can sadly also follow.


Crown Thinning for light increase

One of the key reasons trees are often added to a garden is to provide shade. As trees mature, a crown can grow which is overly dense and heavy. By blocking out too much light, this can starve other areas of your garden of the sunshine that bushes and plants need to thrive. A thick, heavy crown can also over-react in windy conditions; making the tree a danger.

Thinning the crown evenly, often removing both outer and inner branches, allows more valuable light to filter through to ground level, helping to evaporate excess water. At the same time, the amount of wind resistance is also reduced. The tree, however, should retain its original shape.

Our professional and experienced team also knows that too much thinning of foliage in the crown can be harmful to the future health of the tree. Thinning actions often remove no more than up to one third of the branches, and often considerably less, depending on the level of excess foliage present within the tree.

Servicing and protecting your Hampshire or West Sussex property

Our experienced arborists undertake dead wooding and tree thinning work in a manner that is fully complaint with all industry safety practices. Of course, we are covered by both employers and public liability insurance. After our work is complete, we then undertake an extensive site clean. This ensures that you can fully enjoy your garden again. And that your valuable and loved trees continue to thrive, giving you so much ongoing enjoyment.


Our customer’s feedback

Felling and trimming of trees with TPO listing

PO9   |   April 2021

Michael and his team provided an excellent service today. Arrived punctually and set about the felling of 3 diseased trees and crown raising of 2 mature oaks. They were very efficient and all work was completed within half a day, complete with clearing the site. Would not hesitate to recommend them.

Crown reduction of large bay tree in conservation area

PO5   |   July 2021

Mike and his team provided a great service. He took time to understand our requirements and provided feedback and expert advice regarding our mature bay tree. On the day, they arrived on time and liaised with us during the work and happy with the result all done at a very reasonable cost. Would happily use the services again.

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