In short, “very” is the answer. Especially if you attempt to do it at home, alone, and without the proper equipment or training.

Due to the challenges of working at heights whilst using powerful and dangerous machinery, tree surgery can be a treacherous job. In fact, according to the Health & Safety Executive, over 1,400 people have suffered serious injury in the past 10 years whilst completing tree work including 24 tree surgeons and arborists who’ve been killed.

Tree surgery, logging, and lumberjack work is listed as the second most dangerous job in the world according to OSHA, which means that you should think twice before taking on a home project that you might not be ready for. Our profession is often considered as dangerous as mining, deep sea fishing, or farming, and larger tree jobs definitely shouldn’t be undertaken by non professionals.

For that reason, we recommend that you get in touch with us for a free, no obligation quote, where we can offer advice, suggestions, and a reasonable price. It is not worth risking your life just to try and save a few pounds. Instead, you should always employ qualified and insured professionals to carry out tree work on your property.

Why is tree surgery dangerous?

There are numerous elements to tree surgery that make it so dangerous, some of which are obvious, others less so. 

Firstly, the tree itself.

If you are looking to reduce the height of an established oak or thin an overgrown conifer, you will be working a long way off the ground. For this, you may need ladders, safety harnesses, or if the tree is really big, possibly larger tools and mechanical equipment. The risk of falling can be significant, especially if you are working alone without the right equipment and training.

It is also easy to miscalculate the size and weight of branches and how they will fall. Falling branches can pose a great risk to people working on the ground. They can kill people and / or damage property.

On top of this, some trees will be decaying on the inside yet show no signs of this from the outside. This can result in the tree limb breaking off and the climber falling, which is why tree surgeons need to be experts in all types of tree species and conditions.

Secondly, the equipment used can be very dangerous.

Chainsaws, stump grinders, and axes all have incredibly sharp blades and immense cutting power. They can also be very heavy and hard to handle. It is vital that tree surgeons remain focused and aware of their physical capabilities throughout their work in order to avoid injury or worse.

This leads us on to fatigue, the third item on our list of dangers we regularly face.

Tree surgery is both physically and mentally demanding. Carrying heavy machinery and wearing protective clothing is draining but a part of the job. Feeling physically fatigued quickly becomes a risk, especially when high up in a tree. As a tree surgeon, you cannot afford to make mistakes while at work.

The final item on our list of dangers is hazardous locations. The location can create really big challenges.

Because trees are sometimes left to grow unchecked until they become a problem, a location that started out OK can turn out to be hazardous. Our work, therefore, often takes place in difficult or dangerous locations. Trees can grow to overhang busy roads, flourish in small spaces with limited access, or grow to become tangled with power lines. Tree removals in hazardous locations require good planning, care, experience, and occasional traffic control.

Expert tree surgeons in Hampshire and West Sussex

South Downs Tree Services is one of the leading arborist tree surgery businesses in the South. We provide professional tree surgery services to those based throughout Hampshire and West Sussex. With many years of experience, we pride ourselves on our unrivaled levels of care. Check out our Google Reviews below to see what people have said about us.

We provide tree care and garden maintenance services for both commercial and domestic clients and can help you no matter the size of your tree issues.

Keeping your garden in great shape all year round is our goal. We have the knowledge and equipment needed to tackle a wide variety of jobs, thanks to our extensive training and accreditations.

To find out more about what we do or to get a free, no-obligation quote, contact us today.

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Working at height can be very dangerous. Never work alone.
Rigging required for tree surgery work
Chainsaws can quickly become very heavy. Rigging is often needed for safety.
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Julie Crawford
Julie Crawford
Very professional and tidy job completed had two conifer trees reduced, a fruit tree cut back and a small tree removed would definitely recommend
S Serespo
S Serespo
It was a very good experience from meeting Tom to get an estimate a to finalise the job. The boys were very polite and professional. Nothing was a problem from them. The job was finished very nicely and they left the area very tidy. Thank you
Dan Lock
Dan Lock
Had my large willow reduced and pruned. Very friendly staff. Thanks
Mike Kendrick
Mike Kendrick
Delighted with the service from this highly professional business. We had a very large tree that needed to be removed as it was causing damage to a building and we are in a conservation area. Mike and his team organised everything, from dealing with the local authority and obtaining permission,to removal of the tree and stump. A complete and hassle free process.Thank you.
Cheryl Diment
Cheryl Diment
Excellent service, very well prices, tidy, work completed as expected and as quoted. Flexible on additional work. Communication was great. Appointment reminders sent. Would highly recommend. Thank you
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Gary Aitkins
It was really refreshing to deal with a company that was professional from our first point of contact and then the whole way through the job to conclusion. Great team in the office involved with the arrangements and then continued with the on site team who made sure we were updated on progress throughout the course of the job being carried out. I would highly recommend this company.
We are very pleased with the way in which a problem was dealt with that had occurred from some earlier work in our garden. The South Down Tree Services sent a team very quickly and resolved the issue. Many thanks.
Ian Maclennan
Ian Maclennan
Great work by South Downs Tree Services today. They showed up on time, cracked on with the job, consulted us at all stages and carried out the work carefully and efficiently. Very tidy and cleared up as agreed, leaving the logs we requested. Strongly recommend and will be using them again.
moog 37
moog 37
Professional Polite and very keen to please !! Mike and his team are a credit to the tree surgery trade !!! Thanks Andy