All hedges and trees need regular maintenance and care to ensure that they continue looking and performing at their best. We understand that not everyone knows how to take care of hedges and trees themselves, so we’ve put together a guide that informs you of the key tree and hedge maintenance services that we have on offer.

Tree pruning

Tree pruning primarily focuses on optimising the future health of your trees as well as enhancing their beauty and shape. Tree pruning also helps protect your trees against diseases and pests, and in doing so promotes growth. By removing dead and loose branches, you’ll allow your trees to flourish and thrive.

It can be difficult for someone without the necessary training to determine which branches need to be removed for healthier trees. This is where an arborist comes in. Not only do they tell you what time of year your trees should be pruned, but they will also ensure that trees aren’t excessively pruned.

Tree trimming and crown reduction

This process focuses mainly on the aesthetics of your trees. In other words, trees are trimmed to maintain their desired appearance and shape. If you leave the tree alone, the branches will grow in various directions and your trees will be left looking unbalanced and scraggly. We recommend that you get your trees trimmed just once or twice each year.

Hedge care

A well-maintained and well-looked after hedge is a joy to have in your garden or commercial space. Not only will they become a safe haven for nesting birds, but native species will also surprise you with a visit. If your hedges are properly taken care of, they’ll offer a denser and more protective cover for animals. It’s also worth knowing that evergreen hedges are very fast-growing and without proper hedge care, can quickly grow into big trees.

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