If you are considering any tree services to neaten up your garden or simply make room for more clear land, it is always worth checking what trees are protected here in the UK. If a tree is protected, it cannot be lopped, pruned or damaged in any way without permission given by the local authority.

Why might a tree be protected?

Tree protection aims to safeguard the woodland as a whole and is often used to stop the extinction of rare tree species and maintain a good amount of natural habitat for local wildlife.

Different types of tree protection

Trees can be protected in a number of ways, usually depending on the reason that they are being protected in the first place.

Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs)

Tree Preservation Orders are managed by local authorities and protect individual trees, or groups of woodland, that have value to the local area. If a tree has a TPO, it cannot be damaged without a written letter of permission from the local authority.

Conservation areas

Conservation areas are put in place to protect areas that hold architectural or historic value. These areas are also managed by local authorities and removing any trees from these areas would require permission from the authority in question.

Veteran and ancient trees and woodland

Ancient trees and woodland require special considerations before any damage can be done. In 2018, it was made a law that the disruption of trees in these areas could only go ahead if absolutely necessary. If you are planning to damage any trees that are in these areas, you will need to consult with the Ancient Tree Inventory.

What trees are protected

The exact trees that are protected in the UK depend on whether or not they fall into the above categories. If a tree has historic value or adds a significant amount of value to the local area, it is likely to be protected. To ensure that you are following local authority guidelines, it is best to use online tools to check if a tree is protected before carrying out any tree services. If you’re looking for tree services in South Downs that you can rely on, contact our team at South Downs Tree Services today.